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Your Portal to a Timeless Nature Experience ~ Where the mighty Rainforest meets the sparkling Pacific Ocean!

A Remote Nature Lodge in the Heart of the Osa Peninsula, just South of Drake Bay and just North of Corcovado National Park

Visiting Us During COVID-19

Our campus is fortunate to have open fresh air throughout the grounds and breezy shared areas such as our dining area which is outdoors covered with a sunroof. 

Our shared lounge area and yoga hall are well ventilated as they sit right off the beach receiving nature’s own on-shore breezes. 

It is easy to practice social distancing as there is plenty of space among the gardens and fruit trees; and while walking the 1 1/4 kilometer secluded, exquisite, forest / beach coastline. 

Our cabins are well ventilated and cleaned between visiting guests. 

We have lowered our maximum capacity during these times. 

Our staff wear face coverings while prepping, serving meals and housekeeping. 

Due to our remote location, we provide hand sanitizer only to our staff. 

** We ask guests to bring enough personal hand sanitizer to last you during your stay and an extra bottle or two to gift, if you would like. **

** Please wear your face covering in the shared areas when member(s), who are not in your group, are present. **

Very Importantmust read Entry Requirements to Costa Rica during COVID-19 at: https://www.visitcostarica.com/en/costa-rica/planning-your-trip/entry-requirements 

Ecolodge Retreat

We invite you to experience pure nature—on a secluded paradise beach, surrounded by exuberant rainforest and a verdant ethnobotanical garden, abundant with birds and wildlife. A visit here will leave each cell in your body singing “Pura Vida!”

Wholesome Cuisine

Guests enjoy three wholesome meals daily made with love and an organic "farm to table" ethos. Thick juices from locally grown seasonal fruits are served alongside an array of freshly harvested medicinal plants, detox teas and aromatic herbs all add zest to the goodness.


Cozy and rustic accommodations with private bathrooms and ocean views, surrounded by rainforest and right on the beach! Ideal for couples, group retreats, and reunions, this is a place to re-discover, re-fresh, and renew!

Rainforest Ocean Setting

A nature sanctuary bordering Corcovado National park and the Caño Island Oceanic reserve, surrounded by thousands of acres of protected rainforest, beaches and ocean. The mega biological diversity of the rainforest teeming with bird and wildlife meets a pristine paradise beach and the sparkling Pacific Ocean where dolphins and whales play and sing.

Tours & Activities

Perfectly situated to explore the natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula. In addition to the classic tours such as Corcovado National Park, whale and dolphin viewing excursions, and snorkeling and scuba diving at Caño Island, we also offer a unique array of exhilarating nature discovery activities.

Ethnobotanical Gardens

Hundreds of species of native and rare ethnobotanical treasures from Central and South America are tended with love and care. Permaculture, food forests, and herb gardens produce a seasonal cornucopia of delectable fruits, medicinal products, edible leaves, aromatic spices, and flowers.

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Thank you to the amazing staff of Ocean Forest for serving in the highest way!

—ABBY TUCKER, Yoga Instructor Berkeley, California

Sacred Love

– STING, Musician England

We had a FABULOUS time and a very positive experience.

LORRAINE AGUILAR, Yoga Flow Studio, New York England