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Sierpe Travel Details

The sleepy river town of Sierpe is a popular access point for the Osa Peninsula. To arrive at Sierpe you can hop a local flight to Palmar Sur or drive from San Jose along the Pacific Coastal highway.

Land travel to Sierpe

Taking a shuttle to Sierpe is the recommended option for groups and budget traveling

● 5 ~ 6 hour Land Transfer to Sierpe >>>
● About 50 miles South of Dominical
● Pass the towns of Quepos, Dominical and Palmar Norte
● In Sierpe arrive at the Donde Jorge Restaurant and boat docks
● 50 minute Boat Taxi to San Josecito Beach >>>
● 20 minute Beach Walk south to Ocean Forest Ecolodge
● For shuttle and rent a car contacts see our Helpful Contacts page

Local flight to SIERPE

Recommended route for Green Season: May ~ Aug

● 40 minute Flight from SJO to Palmar Sur airport >>>
● 20 minute Land Taxi to the river town of Sierpe >>>
● 50 minute Boat Taxi to San Josecito Beach >>>
● 20 minute Beach Walk south to Ocean Forest Ecolodge

Arrival to Sierpe by Air

You can also take a domestic flight to the Palmar Sur airstrip (20 minutes taxi from Sierpe town).

From the airstrip there is a 20-minute taxi transfer to Donde Jorge Restaurant in the town of Sierpe where the boat docks are located. (About $5 per person, or $20 for a 4 person cab)

From Sierpe, the community boat taxi departs promptly at 11:30 AM. We will arrange your boat to Ocean Forest. Please pay your boat captain directly; this transfer cost $20. There are several boats that can bring you in. We work with Dago, so please ask for “Dago” at the Donde Jorge restaurant or at the docks in front of the restaurant—all the dock guys will know who he is. Be sure to let the boat crew know you are going to “San Josecito Beach” as it is about 20 minutes past the main drop off point of Drake Bay. The boat transfer is a 1.5-hour scenic ride along the meandering Sierpe River and through the largest mangrove estuary in Central America, then out onto the Pacific Ocean. Passing the river mouth is an experience in and of itself! You will pass Drake Bay, where the boat stops to let passengers off, then they will bring you to San Josecito Beach.

Once you get dropped off at San Josecito beach, where you will be met by our staff for the 20 minute beach walk south to the Ocean Forest.

To book your land shuttle and or domestic flights please view the Helpful Contacts page. Once you have reserved your travel plans. If flying to Palmar Sur, we will reserve your taxi pick up to Sierpe, and your boat transfer to Ocean Forest Ecolodge.. If coming by land we will reserve your boat taxi from Sierpe.

Taxi Rates and ATMs

● The taxi’s charge $50 for 2-4 people, or a discounted rate of $40 for person.
● Please pay cab directly, as transfer costs are not included in our rates.
● There are no ATMs in Drake Bay or surrounding areas, please make sure you bring enough cash for your round trip transfers and extra expenses.

The spectacular boat ride to Ocean Forest Ecolodge is part of the exhilarating adventure of getting here! The boat skips over the jade colored blue green water. Gorgeous views of the verdant green rainforest colored hills can be seen. There are no docks here, so all boat drop offs are beach drop offs. This means all visitors must be prepared to get their feet wet when getting off the boat. The beach is soft and sandy and the water is warm, non the less we recommend you bring water shoes or flip flops.

● 1 ½ hours from Sierpe to San Josecito, about 20 minutes south of Drake Bay.
● Departure from Sierpe to Drake Bay and San Josecito Beach is at 11:30 AM
● Departure from San Josecito Beach to Sierpe is at 6:50 AM arriving at 8:30 AM
● Specify to boat captain to leave you at San Josecito Beach
● Please wear water sandals for getting off the boat

In Addition

● Once we know your travel plans, we will reserve for you your water shuttle reservations
● Private boat rentals are available at a seperate rate

The Water Ferry - What to Expect

● The “colectivo” or public boat is a shared boat ride.
● You may be asked to transfer to another boat.
○ Sometimes, if there are only a few people traveling all the way to San Josecito Beach, the captain may put you on another boat at Drake Bay.
○ The local boat captains do this to save gas and take advantage of other boats that may be going that way.
○ The local boat captains are always helpful and will pass your luggage to the next boat.
● There are a few drop off locations:
○ At times, if and when the waves might be rough at San Josecito Beach, the captains may drop travelers off at the far end of our beach, a spot called Rincon.
○ This spot is always calm for boat drop offs.
○ From Rincón it is a 20 minute walk north to Ocean Forest Ecolodge.
○ You’ll pass the school house, then a few small beach hotels before arriving.
● If you have requested porter service, wait there as our staff will have been informed of the change and will leave to meet you to help you with your luggage.
● Please familiarize yourself with our site maps on the Arriving page.
● Oftentimes dolphins and depending on the time of the year, whales can be seen on this ride, and many types of ocean birds.


Arrival by Land: Shuttle, Rental Car or Bus

Driving to Sierpe
From San Jose airport, drive along the Coastal Hwy, expect a 5 to 6 hour scenic drive. At Sierpe at Donde Jorge Restaurant located close to the boat departure docks, overnight parking is offered.

Driving Directions
1. From Juan Santamaria International Airport to Sierpe, give yourself 5 to 6 hours.
2. Take Route 1 West along the Autopista General Cañas,
3. Follow Route 27 along the Pacifica Fernández Oreomundo Hwy,
4. Follow Route 34 along the Costanera Sur Hwy to Palmar Norte.
5. After the bridge crossing on the Terraba River, turn right.
6. Follow Route 223 to Sierpe
7. Request overnight parking at Donde Jorge Restaurant

Driving to San Josecito School House
You can also drive to San Josecito school house, but it is much further, from Palmar Norte give yourself 2 ½ additional hours. From San Jose give yourself 8 hours.

Here is a google map link:  Driving from Palmar Norte to San Josecito School House

Shuttle to Sierpe
There are quite a few good shuttle companies that can pick you up at many locations and at many hotels. Reservations should be made at least 2 - 3 days prior to travel, make sure to receive a confirmation from them. You should arrive at Sierpe by 11 AM for boat departure at 11:30 AM

For recommended Hotel and Transportation providers: Helpful Contacts

Arriving by Bus
The Public Bus that heads to Zona Sur, is TRACOPA make sure you get off at Palmar Norte, then take a cab to the town of Sierpe. There is also a bus from San Jose direct to Sierpe that departs San Jose at 8:30 AM. This will allow you to arrive on time only for the afternoon boat transfer. Visit Tracopa web site link below for more info on schedules.