© 2018 Ocean Forest Ecolodge

At Ocean Forest Ecolodge ~ Let Mother Nature do her work
Let the clean blue ocean and the sand between your toes refresh you!
Let the towering trees and coconut palm groves inspire you!
Let the songs of Macaws, Toucans and Howler Monkeys enliven you!
Let experiencing nature in harmony revive you!
Let the whole place renew you!

Rainforest and Ocean Discovery Center & Nature Sanctuary


Ocean Forest Ecolodge Retreat is a rainforest and ocean discovery center and nature sanctuary located on a secluded mile-long beach south of Drake Bay, near Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Situated on a 15-acre permaculture design plumb on the beach, the garden encompasses fruit and food orchards, ethnobotanical teas and aromatic herb gardens all that produce a seasonal cornucopia of delectable tropical foods, an abundance of aromatic herbs and marvelous medicinal plants.

La Choza Lodge – Reception, Kitchen & Dining Area


Elegant and open aired, this area allows for a classic and romantic tropical dining experience. The roof is made of split bamboo and clear roofing lending to the light filled ambiance. This area is the Ecolodges central hub, where our reception area is, and the internet reception zone can be found. It is also where the administrators stay and where tours and logistics are made.

La Choza Lounge & Library Room


Next to the kitchen there is a lounge room made of stuccoed bamboo walls boasting local art. The roofs skylights create an inviting space to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee or an assortment of locally grown aromatic teas. Here you will find a collection of wildlife, birdlife and ocean life guide books, as well as information and a map of the grounds.

The Lapa Lapa Lodge


An outstanding landmark of the Ecolodge is the Lapa Lapa Lodge, a magnificent three storied edifice resembling a pagoda. The building rises an impressive 14 meters or 46 feet above ground level and its tiered roof eaves invoke a sense of the spirit of humanity living in harmony with nature. Remarkably so, no living trees were cut for its edification as the entire building was constructed from sustainably sourced materials such as reclaimed hardwoods, old fallen timbers, bamboo and recycled products.

The Dharma Hall


The first floor of the Lapa Lapa Lodge, the Dharma Hall, measures 150 square meters, that’s 1614 square feet of elegantly tiled floor space. This hall stays cool during the day given its high ceiling and is a great place for gatherings and conferences. To practice yoga and other movement arts. As well as read, rest and make arts and crafts. All while listening to the symphony of bird’s songs and the soothing sounds of the ocean’s waves.

Yoga Shala Supreme


The second floor of the Lodge is your yoga hall supreme. Once you glide your bare feet over this utterly smooth floor you’ll understand why we’ve nicknamed it “foot candy.” This finely polished hardwood floor exists under a 6 meter or 19-foot high parabolic shaped roof whose fanned rafters expanding outwards with cloud burst carved crest, create this yoga shala supreme.

Instructor Guest Rooms


The second floor of the Lodge has two instructors or guest rooms that share a bath on suite and open to a large front porch that has stairs rising to it from both sides. This eastern deck is a great spot to soak up the morning sunlight and to absorb the beauty. 

A closet under the stairs that rise to the third floor, the cupola, is where yoga matts, made on site balsa yoga blocks and straps for yoga practice are kept.

The Cupola


On the Lapa Lapa Lodge’s third floor we find ourselves literally in the rainforest canopy! Bird-watching and monkey-observation are simply a given! The polished hardwood floor is yet another place to practice yoga, therapeutic massage or meditation. The fanned roof eaves offer a sense of no beginning or end and boundless sunsets light up the sky over the vast horizon of the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

Turtle Island Labyrinth


Labyrinths are used as a meditation and prayer tool. Walking through the labyrinth invokes a calming space where one can experience life’s deeper essence. Walking the labyrinth represents a metaphorical journey to our center and then back into the world again. It allows for a process of self-reflection where one can have an opportunity to see clearly, to find your puzzle piece and shape it into a divine tale of empowerment. The labyrinth at Ocean Forest Ecolodge is dedicated to the awareness of endangered marine sea turtles and the need to learn to live in harmony with all species of life on planet earth.

White Hawk Nature Trail


Leading up behind the upper bungalows a trail zig zags upwards winding its way to an epic ocean lookout. From here mind-bending panoramic views of the majestic Pacific Ocean and the mysterious Caño Island can be obtained. Birds and wildlife can be seen on this trail such as toucans, tanagers, manakins as well as many other small colorful birds, as well as the majestic White Hawk.  Coati, Agouti, howler monkey, spider monkey and or white-faced capuchin monkey oftentimes show up to greet you along your way. Up further behind the lookout is an ethnobotanical garden and a meditation lodgewith hammocks.