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After reviewing the following information, to volunteer please fills out the linked application.

Guiding Principal for Volunteers and Interns

Our volunteers and interns are sincere, honest, ethical, reliable, practical, hard-working, self-disciplined, self-motivate and concerned about the well-being of humanity, mother Earth, and all species. Due to the remote location of Ocean Forest Retreat and the holistic nature of our center, we are looking for volunteers/interns can work in harmony with us and with the land. The mutual benefits are great times shared, an enriching nature and cultural immersion experience, and solidarity with our vision of personal, community and planetary renewal.


  • Volunteers: minimum stay commitment is 2 weeks
  • Interns: requires a minimum commitment of 2 month with a two-week trial period, as a volunteer.


  • 18+ years of age unless accompanied by parent/guardian
  • Positive attitude, dedication and perseverance
  • Must be able to follow directions of a supervisor
  • Volunteers will agree and sign the Hold Harmless agreement that is posted on the website
  • Volunteers agree to read and adhere to the Internet Policy that is posted on our webpage.


  • Get an updated tetanus shot (at least 5 years old)
  • Buff up your exercise program and eat healthy before coming
  • Start learning Spanish if you don’t already know some, it will be helpful to your time here!
  • Purchase Medical/Evacuation Insurance valid during the duration of your stay.

Energy Exchange and Expenses:

  • For volunteers staying two weeks to two months, we ask for a contribution of $35 per day.
  • Interns staying longer than two months have a reduced rate of $20 per day.
  • These rates include three healthy meals daily
  • Comfortable accommodations in the volunteer dorm rooms. Max capacity is for 5 volunteers, three in one room and two in the other. Including electricity, sheets, linens, and shared bathrooms.
  • Interns may have the option of a private room
  • Volunteers are expected to uphold volunteering activities 6 hours a day, for 6 days a week.
  • All fees are paid in advance
  • Access to laundry room
  • Use of Wi-Fi internet (very limited signal). Volunteers agree to read and adhere to the Internet Policy that is posted on our webpage.
  • Use of surfboards and body boards
  • Use of fins (bring your own mask and snorkel!)
  • Excursions in the beautiful jungles and ocean that surround the project headquarters.

Additional Benefits:

Our project headquarters is located plumb on the beach, and surrounded by rainforest and botanical gardens, in one of the most beautiful and wild parts of the Osa Peninsula. For those who adore the great outdoors this is one of the most special areas in the world.

What’s Not Included

Once you are here and volunteering with us, the necessities are essentially taken care of. With that in mind, remember you will need to purchase the following:

  • Transportation to/from Costa Rica
  • Domestic Transportation within Costa Rica
  • Travel Medical and Emergency Evacuation Insurance (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Visa / Exit Fees (when applicable)
  • Vaccinations (when needed)
  • Other Personal Expenses
  • Round-trip boat transfers and transportation fees;
  • Volunteering fees are not refundable, unless there is valid medical reason or family emergency.
  • Unused tuition will be channeled to conservation and restoration projects.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan volunteers may have to bring some of their own additional supplements, spirulina, nut butters, chia seeds, maca powder etc.

Also keep in mind that our remote location means that is difficult to obtain many things easily. If you are on medication or need special items for your health, contact lenses or medications make sure you bring an accurate supply to last out your stay. We also recommend you plan a small budget for personal items. Drake Bay is the nearest town which is a $45 taxi ride or 2 hour hike along the beach where you can purchase snacks, toiletries, etc.

Examples of Volunteer Service:

The following list of tasks that volunteers are asked to collaborate on.

General Volunteer:

  • Beach Cleanup:Collect plastic and trash washed up on the beach
  • Gardening and Grounds: watering, weeding, planting, harvesting, maintenance of the orchards, clean trails raking, etc.
  • Guest Services: Assist and attend to visiting guests including give introduction tour of grounds and lodges to arriving visitors, help with arrivals and departures, check the guest rooms before arrival to ensure ready to receive. (Note our main housekeeping staff takes care of cleaning the rooms, changing linens, etc; there may be unique cases in which an extra hand is needed and we will ask you to step in.)
  • Kitchen Assistance: prep work, washing dishes, shopping, keeping tea station properly stocked and clean, and so on
  • Meal Service: assisting the kitchen staff in bringing plates to the guests, help coordinate dietary needs. Please bring some presentable clothing.
  • *Public Areas Upkeep: We ask ALL volunteers and interns to help with ensuring the public areas including dining area, bathrooms, yoga shala and main house are swept and kept clean and ready for guests. (Note We have housecleaners for the daily sweeping and mopping, this is for just daily use in keeping areas ‘shanti’)
  • Recyclables and Compost Assistance: Throw away the compost, mix compost, separate recyclables.
  • Sign-Making: labeling medicinal plants in the Garden
  • Turtle Monitoring: during nesting seasons (July to November)

*We ask ALL volunteers and Interns to help with conservation of electricity and water and ensuring that public areas are in a nice condition *

Specific Skillset Volunteers:

 At times, we may also have needs for the following for those who have a specific skillset. For those possessing needed skills and experience, or for others in various situations it is possible to have fees waved.

  • Administration (when applicable)
  • Book keeping
  • Carpentry
  • Cook breakfast, lunch, and/or supper; bake breads & desserts
  • Contribute your talents and skills within Guaria’s interdisciplinary framework and holistic vision— and beyond, when applicable
  • Practitioners of traditional medicine and healing arts for community healing services
  • Environmental educators, English and mathematics teachers

Terms and Conditions

  1. Ethics and Morals
  • All volunteering must uphold high standards.
  • Respect for locals, volunteers, employees and biologists/coordinators are a must.
  • Team work is of the utmost importance.
  • Must be able to follow directions with a positive attitude.
  • Sexual harassment of locals, volunteers, employees and others will not be tolerated. This includes disrespectfully pursuing and making unwanted sexual advances towards others.
  1. Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
  • This is a nature discovery experience, not a party experience.
  • No drugs or alcohol is to be consumed during your visit with us. This means absolutely no visits to local bars.
  • If tobacco is consumed it will be in designated areas only.
  • No tobacco use is allowed during the turtle project beach patrols.
  1. Performance Evaluation
  • If for some reason the biologist or coordinators decide that a volunteer has broken a rule, causing tension, or is not performing, the volunteer will be asked to leave immediately. If we are obliged to ask you to leave we will return unused paid tuition fees.
  • Broken Items or tools will be replaced or repaired at the expense of the person responsible for the damage.

 Gracias • Thank you • Pura Vida!

To apply please fill in the application found at this link and we will respond shortly.