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What to Pack

Basic packing list
* head lamp or flashlight
* sunhat, beach towel & flip flops
* suntan lotion, sunscreen & bug repellant
* day pack & water bottle
* bathing suit & lightweight quick dry cloths
* toothpaste, toothbrush, biodegradable toiletries, etc.
* portable fold up umbrella or lightweight rain poncho (May through December)
* Pullover or light sweater for San Jose arrival
* hiking shoes
* Pack for the 20-minute walk to the lodge
* Local flights allow 25-lbs.; each pound overweight is charged $1 per pound
* We recommend using rechargeable batteries or plug in rechargeable flashlight
* Remember the last leg of the journey is by foot, best to use a back pack rather than a suitcase. Non the less, porter service is provided, and suitcase is fine if it’s what you have.
* San Jose is subtropical, but can be chilly at night, so a pair of pants and light sweater is recommended
* There are remarkably few bugs here, non the less they seem to like some people more than others, if   you are prone to bug bites bring repellant!
Optional items
* sun glasses
* water shoes for getting on and off the boats and hiking
* lightweight windbreaker or long sleeve cotton shirt for boat rides 
* camera / binoculars
* snorkel, mask and flippers (we have some sets at the lodge)
* journal, coloring pens and pencils.