Walter Grefa - Kichwa chef and Rainforest Guide

Walter Grefa, is a Kichwa native from the jungle town of Archidona, in Amazonian Ecuador. Walter is a skilled chef who creates amazing dishes from the foods he gathers in the forest. He has worked for over a decade as a chef at various Amazonian lodges. It is a high joy to have him with us as our chef on board during this Napo-Galeras wilderness sojourn. His company is excellent and he is a highly skilled rainforest guide.

Events with Walter Grefa - Kichwa chef and Rainforest Guide

Wilderness Immersion at Napo Galeras, in Amazonian Ecuador
August 14 - 24, 2022

Wilderness Adventure to Napo Galeras, August 14-24, 2022 This is a off the beaten path wilderness sojourn into the pulsating heart of the Upper Amazon, to the mystical, isolated limestone massif of Napo Galeras. I wrote extensively about this place in chapter 8 of my book, Rainforest Medicine – Preserving Indigenous Science and Biological Diversity in the Upper Amazon, considered to be the epicenter for botanical diversity. A land rich in mythology, enshrouded with mist and ladden in biological diversity. In the early 90’s I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate and direct an initiative that led…