Allen Jacinto


Trained in Ashtanga Yoga in the Pattabhi Jois Tradition in 2002 at its Yoga Studio in San Francisco, Allan has also been trained to teach Yin Yoga in the Paul Grilley tradition and Restorative Yoga in the Judith Hanson Lasater tradition. In the California Berkeley area, his Gentle Yoga classes are immensely appreciated by many dedicated students as Allan provides a gentler approach to the practice of Yoga.  His laughter is contagious. His eyes are attentive to your moves. His awesome generosity is heart-warming. His tranquil, clear-sounding voice guides you thru the moves intermingled, just at the right moment, with a crescendo to inspire one to ‘raise the bar’ as he blends Nature vignettes into his yoga narrative. 

In the spirit of well-being, Allan Jacinto’s style supports one to do no harm, to move with one’s breath and to honor the Divine in each of us!

Events with Allen Jacinto

December 21, 2019

Imagine tropical breezes blowing gently on your face, the soothing sounds and scents of flora and fauna of the rainforest surroundings. Imagine brightly colored parrots, toucans and macaws eating the fruit off the Corozo Palms while you lounge on the beach a few feet away from your lodge. Imagine feeling the softness underfoot as you hike lush forest trails and, on a beautiful sandy beach, your bare feet being massaged. Imagine gourmet dining in the rainforest to enjoy healthy, nutritious meals, along with unique and comfortable eco-chic jungle-beach accommodations. Imagine taking a siesta in a hammock. Imagine seeing clear star speckled nights. Imagine sipping fresh coconut milk while watching white-faced…