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  • $2,200.00 – Program Price

Location: Ocean Forest Ecolodge - Osa Peninsula - Costa Rica

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Rainforest Medicine Council – Celebrating Mother Earth

With Jonathon Miller Weisberger ~ Ethnobotanist, Zamboni Funk ~ Astrologer, Gerard Artesona ~ Integration Therapist and Madeline Lynch, Therapeutic Art and Wellness Massage

April 24 - May 1, 2021

Rainforest Medicine Council Gathering

Celebrating Mother Earth and the Majesty of the Rainforest and the Ocean

April 24th – May 1st 2021 @ Ocean Forest Ecolodge (with optional 3-nights add-on, through May 4th)

Experience Ancient Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies for personal, community and planetary renewal. Held in accordance with millenary, time-tested, universal wellness traditions.

Our location is the enchanting Ocean Forest Ecolodge Retreat located on Costa Rica’s treasured Osa Peninsula, a paradise well known for its vast diversity of animal and plant life. Tucked perfectly between a pristine beach and the thriving rainforest you will also find yoga, wellness modalities, comfortable accommodations and three delicious natural meals daily.

The 2021 Council Gatherings are being facilitated by a group of skilled facilitators whose diverse array of experiences brings this event to a whole another level!

Jonathon Miller Weisberger, author of Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon. The experience he brings as an adept ethnobotanist, conservation pioneer and rainforest guide with decades of delving deep into the pulsating heart of Rainforest Medicine traditions bring these retreats to the whole next level!

A Heartening Inner Journey toward Cultivating a Vibrant Life
For Self, Community and Planetary Renewal

US$2200 / council ($700 extra for three nights add-on program)

US $1900 for Returning Council Participants ($500 for 3-nights add-on)                                       ~ Bring a friend %10 discount (email for more info!)

Attendees will receive a ‘dieta protocol’ and are required to fill out
the “Apply for a Gathering” on the program link

This Rainforest Medicine Council Gathering Includes the following offerings:

  • 7-nights of comfortable shared accommodations at Ocean Forest Ecolodge Retreat. Private rooms are also available at an additional rate.
  • Three natural wholesome dieta friendly meals daily, with fresh aromatic teas from the garden, lemon-grass, guayusa and cacao.
  • On fasting days in preparation for ceremony, we offer as optional to those who request, fruits at breakfast and one simple dieta friendly meal at noon
  • Delve deep into the heart of ethnobotany and local medicinal plants on programmed excursions, rainforest and garden tours and workshops
  • Introduction to an ancient ceremonial indigenous plant medicine science
  • (2) sunrise renewal ceremonies with alkaline rich rainforest medicines
  • (2) overnight traditional healing ceremonies with rainforest medicines
  • 3-nights add-on program includes one sunrise renewal ceremony and one traditional healing ceremony
  • Aura cleanses with medicinal flowers
  • Yoga and guided meditation classes daily
  • Rainforest, paradise beach and river hikes
  • Swim, snorkel and surf at our beach front location
  • Daily Yoga class
  • Daily free time for integration and relaxation
  • Group integration circles for raising common body of experience
  • Pristine, secluded Pacific Ocean beach within walking distance to San Josecito bay, that is idyllic for snorkeling.
  • Beach and rainforest trekking with miles of trails extending outwards from the ecolodge.
  • Ocean swims, snorkel, boogie boarding, surfing
  • On site bird watching, monkey viewing, and nature adoration
  • Rich and diverse ethnobotanical gardens for communing with a vast array of potent medicinal plants and fruit trees

Additional Offerings, Not Included

  • International airfare to San Jose Airport
  • Domestic land + air travel to and from San Jose to Ocean Forest. Approximately $200.
  • On route San Jose hotel if needed Approx. $88 for solo room, or less if when with roommate.
  • Private healing sessions
  • Astrology readings with professional astrologer Zamboni Funk
  • Individualized integration counseling with Gerard Artesona, psychotherapist
  • Gratuities (we recommend $10 daily to be shared among the amazing staff, cooks, room keepers, gardeners and guides all who are part of serving this experience.

We are located on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, south of Drake Bay and just north of Corcovado National Park, on a beautiful paradise beach, where the rainforest meets the sparkling Pacific Ocean! Please review the Arriving section on our web site to understand where we are located and how to get here.

Looking forward to an outstanding week in a magnificent rainforest, beach and ocean wilderness setting!
This council will leave each cell in your body singing “Pura Vida!”



Jonathon Miller Weisberger ~ Ethnobotanist
Ethnobotanist Jonathon Miller Weisberger has spent the past twenty-nine years studying rainforest plant medicine traditions. Since 1996 he has organized biannual “Rainforest Medicine Councils,” experiential workshops journeys, for “Personal, community and Planetary Renewal,” that have offered participants an intimate opportunity to meet and learn from cultural adepts, the mighty rainforest and the omnipotent plant teachers! His book “Rainforest Medicine – Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon” was published in 2013 ( He is the steward of Ocean Forest Ecolodge, where he lives most of the year, guiding rainforest experiences, tending the garden and overseeing operations.
Learn more about Jonathon Miller Weisberger ~ Ethnobotanist
Zamboni Funk ~ Astrologer
Zamboni Funk is an herbalist and astrologer in NYC who has been formally studying astrology since 2016. He offers forecasts daily and weekly on Instagram @ZamboniFunk, following the rhythmic cycles presented by the cosmos and (hopefully) helping folks to ride that beat. More info is available on his website or his Patreon page
Learn more about Zamboni Funk ~ Astrologer
Gerard Artesona ~ Integration Therapist
Gerard Artesona is a psychotherapist specializing in integration therapy and counseling with a private practice in Oakland California. His experience serving the mental health needs of patients in hospital settings, alongside his therapeutic approach bridge western psychology and entheogenic rituals & practices to support his clients on their healing journeys.   He has taught yoga and mindfulness practices primarily with transitional age youth and formerly-gang involved inmates. Gerard has embraced the healing potential of plant medicines for over 10 years, and the perspectives surrounding them have come to inform his professional approach and his overall understanding of wellbeing. Gerard holds…
Learn more about Gerard Artesona ~ Integration Therapist
Madeline Lynch, Therapeutic Art and Wellness Massage
      Madeline Lynch is a traveling artist and licensed massage therapist who uses art as a vehicle for healing, integration, personal empowerment, and self-expression. Madeline received her BA in Studio Art and Philosophy from American University in Washington, D.C., completing her Masters degree, in Psychology from the Teachers College of Columbia University in New York, where she studied the bridge between psychology and spirituality from a western perspective. As a massage therapist, Madeline is trained in Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, myofascial release, sports massage, and spiritual & energetic Reiki healing. In her travels abroad, Madeline has made…
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