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Why Come to Guaria?

Alongside the incredible Osa Peninsula environment, the primary rainforest abundant with birds and wildlife, the paradise beaches and pristine ocean and surreal climate, the notable architecture of our facilities and our enthusiastic and specialized staff, Guaria de Osa is also unique because:

• Guaria de Osa is embedded in an emerald beauty, wonder-land rainforest bordered with a fish-heaven temple Pacific Ocean - a perfect location for natural discovery and natural fun such as bird-watching, rainforest trekking and nature walks, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling, star-gazing or just pure old fashioned relaxation and simply the enjoying of our splendid environment.

•Guaria de Osa has over 3500 square feet of floor space in its main lodge with solar electricity, tiled and hardwood floors and high ceilings, as well as comfortable guest rooms, ample grassy lawns - ideal for Yoga, Dao-In, Tai Chi or Capoeira. The acoustics on the second floor are grand for music and dance retreats as well.

•Our botanical gardens combined with herbalist and knowledgeable staff are available for ethnobotanical and permaculture seminars. We have a rare collection of ethnobotanical treasures from Central and South America.

•At Guaria de Osa various types of healing modalities are offered such as: Healing with local medicinal plants, Tui Na -therapeutic massage, foot reflexology and Reiki are also gifts the staff can offer.

* The ambiance at Guaria de Osa is wonderful for weddings and family reunions, and for high school and university field trips.

* Guaria de Osa is a place for service and dedication. At certain times of the year educational events are held such as Permaculture and Art workshops for local youth. We are also seeking volunteers for our sea turtle rescue project between the months of August through October volunteer interns are accepted, please send us a formal request alongside your curriculum vitae.

* Guaria de Osa is favorable for studying. We have a small library with books and field guides related to our environment. Laminated wall charts on acupuncture meridians and points, and other general concepts in the field of integral medicine are found in our massage room.

* The architecture at Guaria de Osa provides a splendid and inspiring environment suitable for people from many walks of life. Our aspirations have been to create a place that mirrors the natural beauty of our environment. The raised eaves, high ceilings and panoramic views from the cupola provide a fresh, cool and unforgettable ambiance.

* The wood used at Guaria de Osa is perfectly cured heartwood which has come from fallen trees laying in cattle pastures for over 20 years, most of which were blown over in windstorms. Horse and oxen teams hauled in all the wood. Special care was taken through all aspects of the building to ensure environmental sensitivity.

* Guaria de Osa is ideal for catching up on much needed rest and relaxation, several finely woven cotton hammocks from the Secoya community in Ecuador can be found in the lodges and among the palm groves.

* Guaria de Osa is centrally located as a perfect place from which to explore the mighty natural wonders of the Osa Peninsula, such as neighboring Corcovado National Park, Caño Island Oceanic Reserve, intact Mangrove estuaries, wilderness coast line and much more.

* Guaria de Osa is surrounded by mega-diverse marine and rainforest ecosystems – paramount for scientific investigation and research.

* Guaria de Osa is a splendid spot for writers, photographers, and naturalists.

* Our own native journeys hosted by Sentient Experientials – are unique in many ways. Entitled "Nature as Teacher, Traditional Wisdom, and Rainforest Conservation Strategies" our program is hosted by an international staff and expert guides, with special guest presenters and legendary cultural masters. These are deep forest, oceanic and intercultural journeys beholding the majesty of the primary Rainforest and the pristine Pacific Ocean. We offer an experience of unadulterated nature and the opportunity to re-discover ancient wisdom pertinent for these tumultuous times. Please visit our Special Events.

* Guaria de Osa's Guest Teacher is Don Pablo Amaringo from the Peruvian Amazon, a world-illustrious visionary painter, a spiritual master in his own unique right, and once-practicing shaman. He is the Director of the Usko Ayar School of Amazonian Painting in Pucallpa, Peru, and illustrated author of "Ayahuasca Visions." Don Pablo visits Guaria once a year; please see our calendar of events and the photo & Art gallery for Don Pablo’s originals.

* Guaria de Osa offers unique opportunities with notable guest presenters and facilitators. Please visit our Special Events.

* Guaria de Osa's herbologist-in-residence is Don Victorio Villareal Villareal. He is a classic Osa Peninsula elder, a medicinal plant expert and knowledgeable naturalist guide. Don Victorio is available for healings with local medicinal plants. He is also an incredible musician and a passionate player of dominos.

* Guaria de Osa's steward is Jonathon Miller Weisberger, a bilingual (English/Spanish) Ethnobotanist, naturalist and wilderness guide, massage therapist and Tai Chi trainer. Jonathon is the Director of Osanimi and has worked on rainforest conservation and cultural heritage revival projects among 5 indigenous communities since 1988. His passion is sharing nature and culture with others so they too may be inspired as he has been; he has successfully guided over 300 visitors into remote rainforest regions for the past 14 years. 10 of those have been in Amazonian Ecuador and Peru. Please see his biography under staff for more information.

* Guaria de Osa is available for group and retreat leaders as the place to stay on the Osa Peninsula; Guaria de Osa is also available for visitation by drop in tourist with prior reservations, in-between our events. Please inquiry for rental availability and reservations.

* Proceeds from all funds generated, in part, benefit Osanimi - Rainforest Conservation and Cultural Heritage Projects among indigenous and rural communities in Central and South America. Please visit

* current project is the formation of a biological reserve bordering Sangay National Park with the Amazanga community in Amazonian Ecuador. With assistance from the Tropical Rainforest Coalition in Northern California we have successfully purchased 2700 acres of mega diverse tropical rainforest. There are many more plots to be purchased and donations are welcome for this project. For more information and photos see the Amazanga - Llushin River Project portfolio in the Rainforest Conservation booth on this web site. Also visit the section on Amazonian Tours and consider supporting the project by joining us on our next adventure to the Amazanga community and beyond.

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