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The Ethnobotanical and Permaculture Gardens at Guaria de Osa intertwine with the surrounding abundant native vegetation. Aromatic Ylang Ylang trees, frequently visited by Toucans who love their fruits, fill the clean tropical air with fragrance. The gardens have been planted with a myriad of ancestral cultigens and ethnobotanical treasures from South and Central America. Fragrant plants, with a large collection of the much appreciated Hawaiian Ti’s locally known as Caña India - Indian Cane, ornamental shrubs and trees, grafted citrus and avocados, and numerous orchids all provide a serene and breathtaking environment.

Garden Fire Hut
Native and endangered tree species grow in the nursery. Rare timber trees such as Guapinol - the Incense Tree, Hymenea sp., Roble Tabebuia sp., Nazareno Purple Heart, Ron Ron, Cocobola and Cenizaro have been planted. Also growing in our gardens are a collection of Amazonian and local palms, such as: Aguaje, Mauritia flexuosa, Hunguragua, Jessenia bataua, Tallo Morado or Chimbi Oenocarpus sp., and roof thatching palms called the Drooping Palm - Euterpe sp. Hundreds of coconut palms, in several varieties, share space with many tropical fruit and medicine trees, such as Amazonian Tree Grapes – Pourouma cecropiifolia, the Cannonball Tree - Couroupita guianensis, Piton - Grias neubethii and the Ice Cream Bean Tree – Inga sp. The Chocuanos, yellow and green Filipitos, and the common Coco Criollo, are four distinct coconut tree varieties that have been planted and are thriving.

Maturing at Guaria de Osa are the best of tropical fruit trees, such as Annonas, Caimitos, Mangostene and Rheedia, Cashews, Cacao, Tree Grapes, Guavas, Star Fruit, Carambolas and Piton. Important medicinal plants found growing in Guaria’s ethnobotanical gardens are Tabernaemontana sanango, a famous Amazonian panacea, and other legendary healing plants, trees and vines from the Amazon.

We also have culinary and herbal gardens growing edible foods such as plantains and bananas, tropical potato vines, pineapples, papayas, sweet potatoes, sugar cane and corn. Alongside all this are lemons and grafted Valencia oranges, mangoes and avocados.

Several large Mango trees produce prolifically in the month of May. All fruits are seasonal and many have yet to produce, as we patiently await and care for the gardens!!

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