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Lodging Configuration
at Guaria de Osa

Guaria de Osa has lodging capacity for 34 guests

Lapa Lapa Lodge ... Cachimbo's Bungaloo ... Gavilan Blanco Bungaloo ... Solo Bueno Island View Suite
Beach Cabins ... La Choza - Kitchen & Dining ... Meals ... The Lawns ... Bathhouse

Lapa Lapa Lodge at Guaria de Osa Lapa Lapa Lodge (Scarlet Macaw)

The West Room and the East Room of the Lapa Lapa Lodge are on the second floor. They have high spacious ceilings with large windows overlooking the gardens and forest. There is an indoor bath room and shower facility shared between the two rooms with private entrance to each room. Both rooms open to a hallway with a staircase that leads up to the observatory/meditation cupula on the third floor. On the other side of the staircase is a huge and spacious hall ideal for yoga and body movement, conferences and/or group reunions.

Lapa Lapa Lodge at Guaria de Osa Lapa Lapa Lodge at Guaria de Osa
Lapa Lapa Lodge Yoga Hall
Yoga Hall
Lapa Lapa Lodge Downstairs
Lapa Lapa downstairs

Cachimbo Bungaloo

Built Zen in style, the Cachimbo Bungaloo is a private two storied bungalow. Each suite is large and spacious with a private bath room. Upstairs suite has a balcony overlooking lawns and gardens and faces the east side of the Lapa Lapa Lodge. Downstairs suite has a balcony overlooking a creek and tucked in the garden.

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Gavilan Blanco Bungaloo (White Hawk)

From the Gavilan Blanco, there is a vista of the Southern Pacific Ocean! Gardens, fruit trees, forest, and wildlife are commonly seen as this bungaloo is set back up high on the hill behind Guaria's campus. There are two suites with balcony, spacious indoor bath and shower facilities.

Gavilan Blanco

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Solo Bueno Island View Suite

This lodge is our latest development. It has two spacious rooms side by side.
Each room has a private bath and private balcony overlooking the ocean.
They are in close walking distance to the dining area.

Solo Bueno Island View Suite

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5 Beach Cabins

Guaria has five beach cabins with two single beds (that can be moved together for couples), with two nightstands, a clothing rack, and each cabin has its own private porch.

Each cabin is privately tucked into the gardens in close proximity to the main lodge, dining hall, bath house, and less than 100 meters (328 feet) from the beach.

Elegantly tiled bathroom and shower facilites are located just a few seconds stroll through our gardens. There are two spacious shower rooms for bathing and dressing - one for women and another for men.

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La Choza

Dining & Kitchen Facilities

La Choza

This is Guaria's secondary main lodge, featuring the dining halls and kitchen, office, internet cafe, and the bathhouse for the tent bungaloos. The second floor houses the administrator's headquarters.

La Choza features both indoor and outdoor (covered) dining space with round tables, looking out onto the gardens. Sunroofs fill the indoor dining area with soft light.

The kitchen is conveniently located behind a rich wooden Nazarreno Purple Heart buffet-style food and beverage service bar. The dining room is also a great place to sit around and talk, play games or study.

La Choza sitting area La Choza - inside La Choza - inside

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Meals are served three times a day, prepared with the utmost of care to provide fresh, natural, and nutritious cuisine; scrumptious, home-cooked vegetarian and/or fish, chicken, meat; home-baked bread, fresh seasonal fruits and juices. The harvest from the culinary garden and fruit trees, depending on the season, are added to the table. Organic coffee, tea (herbal and otherwise) are available all day long.

Guaria de Osa's Water

We are blessed in that all the water at Guaria de Osa comes from a spring that gushes pure water, naturally filtered straight from the rocks! Quality filters insure portable drinking water in the kitchen available all the time.

The Lawns: On the East and South side of the Lapa Lapa Lodge there is over 3000 square feet of lawn space planted with a wonderful short and soft green grass. These areas, surrounded by gardens are ideal for Yoga and Tai Chi as well as camping.

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Whale Breaching Mosaic

Tiled Showers in
Bath House in La Choza Lodge

Bathhouse is ornamentally crafted and decoratively tiled. There are 2 shower rooms with 2 showers/room; 4 washbasins; 3 beautifully tiled bathrooms with 3 flushing toilets. The shower rooms are decorated with tiled mosaics of a whale breaching in one and a whale fluke in the other. Two sinks tiled with mosaics, shells, and tiles of playing dolphins, are for hand and face washing; hanging above each sink are two handcrafted, rich-blue framed Ecuadorian mirrors that make this outdoor wash place memorable; and then there is a pila, as called in Costa Rica, for washing clothes. Growing in proximity and permeating the air with its fragrance are Gardenia Bushes, Jasmine Vines and Ylang Ylang Trees. There are several outdoor showers tucked in the palm trees; off the beach showers for washing bodies, surfboards, boogie boards; and foot pools at the Lapa Lapa doorways to wash your feet before entering.

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