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Grupo Osanimi /
The Osa Foundation

Project Update 2000 - 2002:

Project Update 2003 to the present:

On the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica

Note: Even though, since January 2000, 99% of our energies have been dedicated to creating a home-base - Guaria de Osa (Orchid of the Osa) - on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica , we managed to accomplish a few other projects over the last two years.

2002 - The creation and development of Guaria de Osa, a rainforest retreat centre and ethnobotanical gardens located on a wilderness Pacific beach on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica that also serves as the home base for Grupo Osanimi/Group Osanimi. We hope to begin to raise funds for Grupo Osanimi/Group Osanimi projects from fees raised by retreats and Sentient Experientials' journeys.

2002 - Grupo Osanimi is legalized as a non-profit in Costa Rica with Group Osanimi as an Ecuadorian branch under the name of Fundación OSA or Grupo Osanimi. OSA stands for "Organización Social y Ambiental" –— translation: "Social and Environmental Organization." So in a sense we are shifting from the name Group Osanimi to Grupo Osanimi.

2002 - Our new, 501(c)3 non-profit sponsor is the Living Bridges Foundation, a tax-exempt corporation based in Aptos, California.

2002 - Our nursery at Guaria de Osa which contains rare and endangered plants is planted, propagated and is now growing.

2002 - A work is in progress to declare Playa Rincón de San Josecito which is located on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, as a turtle refuge. Funds are needed for this project.

2001 - A 7 - minute educational video was produced with the beach community on Mangrove Reforestation in the Osa Peninsula. 1000 mangroves were planted on degraded areas.

In Ecuador

2001 - Funds have been raised from individual donors and from the Tropical Rainforest Coalition for the Amazanga Community through their indigenous foundation, Huanduk Yachai (meaning "Sacred Leaf"), to purchase 125 acres of primary Rainforest bordering Sangay National Park in the Llushin River Valley of the Pastaza Province of Ecuador. This project is 'leap-frogged' by the Amazanga Community.

2001 - Funding has been acquired to hold a workshop among Secoya elders and youth in the ancestral lodge of Secoya Territory.

2000 - Building of the Tui'que'hue'e, a Secoya ancestral lodge in San Pablo Aguarico River, to serve as a community ethnobotanical garden and cultural heritage revival teaching center.

2000 - Inauguration of the Ancestral lodge with approximately 45 Secoyas.

2000 - Repairing the Dawn Star Lodge, Cultural Revivification Center, and Botanical Garden in Sehuaya Community in Secoya Territory.

2000 - Implementation and propagation of gardens by collecting plants and rare cultivars. To date, we have approximately 75 species of useful medicinal plants.

2000 - Donation for a wooden dugout canoe and a 40 hp motor for the Secoya Women's Organization - OMSE.

2000 - A 25 hp motor was donated to the Secoya shaman to facilitate his work in collecting plants up and down river.

2000 - Mobilization of bee hives and apiary to a spot closer to flowering trees.

2000 - Completion of a Huaorani ethnobotany manuscript and a proposal to seek funding to publish and distribute this book to the Huaorani youth.

In Pucallpa, Perú

2000 - A proposal is drafted for the Usko Ayar School of Amazonian Painting in Pucallpa, Perú, under the directorship of Don Pablo Cesar Amaringo Shuna, to seek funds for purchasing primary forest adjacent to the school. Funds are also needed to build and furnish a third schoolhouse in the Pucallpa forest. During our past Sentient Experientials journeys in Ecuador, over $20,000 in artwork were sold, all of which were channeled to the Usko Ayar School where Don Pablo built a second school house in the Pucallpa forest.


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