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Grupo Osanimi /
The Osa Foundation

Golden Lines

“Jonathon is an ethical and reliable friend of the Secoya People and his work with them ranks as very important. His knowledge of the forest and his relationship with indigenous communities is almost like that of a native.”
Patricia Bastida, EtnoTur, Ecuador

“I extend a sisterly greeting and in gratitude for the good work GO does in benefit of the Secoya Nation.”
Celinda Piaguaje, President of OMSE, The Secoya Women's Organization

“The rainforest conservation work of Sparrow and his Indigenous colleagues ranks among the most respectful, creative and promising ventures underway on behalf of earth and ancient earth ways. This is truly deep ecology in action - a privilege to behold.”
Dr. Joanna Macy, Buddhist scholar and living systems educator, author, and co-founder of The Council of All Beings (CAB), a training in movements for peace, justice and ecology

“Jonathon's collaboration as an ethnobotanist fulfills important contributions in collecting medicinal plants and fruit seeds of the area and contributing to the National Herbarium of Ecuador from areas not visited, such as Napo-Galeras, slopes of Cerro de La Plata Mountain Range, and the Headwaters of the Shiripuno River. His seriousness, delivery, and professional talent are a valuable assistance in complementing our objectives.”
Dr. David Neill, Curator of the Museo de Cienca Nacionales Herbarium, Ecuador

“With these few words, I wish to infinitely thank Jonathon for the great assistance that he gives the Secoya People.”
Angel Celestino Piaguaje, Secoya , educator and author

“We certify that the book Jonathon has written with other Huaorani youth for the Huaorani schools is a book that we are anxiously awaiting to use in our schools.”
From a letter by the community leaders of the Quehueiriono Huaorani village

“Our friend Jonathon is always working and assisting us. He is studying with our elders in collaboration with our leaders and educators to write books for our youth.”
Moi Enomenga, Huaorani Indian activist and former Vice-President of ONHAE (Huaorani Peoples' Organization)

“This is important work, needs to be supported and is making a real difference.”
— Dr. Terence McKenna, ethnobotanist and author

“Jonathon Sparrow Miller-Weisberger and his colleagues are doing important work for the preservation of tropical ecosystems, and the indigenous gnosis of the forest inhabitants. They are literally rediscovering the "roots" of humanity's million-year old symbiosis with the plant kindom. Their work is ethical, motivated, and deserves support. In this era of shrinking ecosystems, disappearing species, and cultural dissolution the work of Jonathon and his organization is of incalculable value for every species, and for all species who share this fragile planet.”
Dr. Dennis McKenna, ethnopharmacologist and author

“I taught in medical school for 7 years and also pursued post-graduate medical residency and fellowship training. I have known hundreds of talented people. I recommend Jonathon without reservation. His true zest for life and appreciation for the subtle interconnections of all things within his world allow him to radiate a respect and understanding for not only the rainforest but also for all people. I think it is rare to find a young man who has the awareness, maturity, conviction and discipline to work so diligently and selflessly for issues that will ultimately affect the whole world.”
Dr. Leo Figgs, Eye physician and Surgeon; 1999

“Grupo Osanimi/Group Osanimi is a group with tremendous heartfelt dedication to the work of helping the Rainforest and its peoples. Their work is at once sweat-and-grit practical, and at the same time profoundly spiritual. These are seriously hard working people who give the work everything they've got. At the heart of their work is a rare sense of vision and inspiration. They have deep respect for all of the cultures that they work with. Integrity is their standard of measure. I sincerely support their excellent work and their excellent goals.”
John Tyler Garcia, permaculturist and musician; A River Inside is Garcia’s first CD. (We give credit to our dear friend Garcia who coined the phrase "Vaya con Gaia.")

“I support this work and urge you to do the same.”
Dr. Haines Ely, dermatologist and dermatopathologist

“Group Osanimi is doing courageous and innovative work. By seeking out ways to assist cultural transmission while organizing to protect Ecuador's forests, they are working to preserve ancient botanical wisdom, not on some dusty bookshelf, but in the hearts of indigenous youths and in the forest itself. This is a bold and crucial step in these times.”
Dr. Robert Hass, poet, United States Poet Laureate, 1996-1997

“Jonathon Sparrow and the rainforest workers in Ecuador are doing invaluable work. Not only with the Huaorani Indians but with many tribal groups. These young people are conscientiously recording botanical medicinals and new species of rainforest plants and bringing hope to Indigenous People. We all have pride in their efforts and support them in their endeavors.”
Dr. Bill Mollison, originator of Permaculture, author, biologist, farmer, teacher and Australia’s Man of the Year.

“I feel with Jonathon I gained access to a remarkable region of the world and was given insight and understanding.”
— Paul Theroux, author of The Mosquito Coast


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