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Nature's Calendar of Biological Phenomena

Dry/Sunny Season

November through April: known as the "High Season"

November, December, January

Costa Rica's summer begins and the rainy season ends.

Parrots and toucans abound near the beach to eat the fruit off the Corozo Palms.

February, March, April

The dry season continues with clear star speckled nights. March is great for surfing as the swell picks up. Nocturnal walks are not to be forgotten; cashew season begins.


Mangos begin to ripen and there's plenty of green mango juice.

Wet/Green Season

May through October: known as the "Green Season"

About the wet season

- You can still get a tan during the wet season. - Even though October may be the heaviest rain of the year, it's an interesting time to visit the many awesome Nature Happenings that take place on the Osa Peninsula, such as Turtle Nesting (right on the beach in front of Guaria) and whales migrating from the north and south.

May, June, July

Mango season continues; flower season blooms; the first rains come; the "Green" season begins with rainbows and unforgettable sunsets. Wildlife is teeming near the trails due to ripening mangos.

August, September, October

Turtle nesting season - Whale and Dolphin watching - the surf picks up again in August and September - and in September unforgettable thunderclaps and sunshine all happen during the same day!

Note: Volunteers welcomed to help with turtle nesting season.


This is the rainiest month of the year.

A wonderful time to catch up on reading, writing, and self-reflection amidst a Nature Sanctuary.

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