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Our Calling

To share the adventure and natural beauty of the Rainforest and Ocean with visiting guests of all ages

To share and educate people about the cultural, scientific and spiritual legacy of nature and important world traditions, in order to confirm renewal, wellness and a sense of ecological identity

Through percentage of guest tuitions to raising funds for rainforest conservation and cultural heritage projects among indigenous ethnic minorities and rainforest communities in Central and South America

To offer work opportunities to local families and to create a right livelihood based on conscientious ecological travel and environmental and cultural education

  • To maintain an exquisite rainforest and ocean venue.
  • To co-host workshops and retreats on themes pertinent to rainforest and ocean ecology, traditional arts, ecological identity and well-being.
  • To be the setting for teachers and group leaders to bring their students to practice wellness and sustainable-living in harmony with Nature.
  • To provide a safe rainforest beach environment for families and children who adore Nature!
  • To handshake our mission and vision endorsing social, cultural, and environmental responsibility, communication, skill-building, and ecological identity.
  • To gather, cultivate, and protect medicinal plants and rare, endangered ethnobotanical treasures; and to establish permaculture gardens, ornamental gardens and fruit orchards.
  • To protect our resident turtle populations, maintain beach clean ups and sustain local community service.
  • To follow a calling that is environmentally and socially responsible.

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Where the fruit trees grow,
the toddler’s play and giggle,
while butterflies flutter and songbirds sing,
and where the root of life is recaptured
with plenty of time to swim!

rainforest - paradise beaches - bird watching - scuba diving - surfing - ethno botanical gardens - yoga
massage - trekking - chi gong - meditation - tai chi - rainforest projects - original architecture