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Guaria de Osa Campus

Safeguarding Critically Endangered
& Threatened Pacific Sea Turtles
at Guaria de Osa

Big Kids

Council Gatherings

Painting with don Pablo
Amaringo, 2003

Little Kids

Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga for Kids

Landscape Environment

Seascape Environment



A Tropical Rainforest
Beach Wedding

BBTRS ~ BioDynamic Breath Work
& Trauma Release Retreat
with founder & director,
Giten Tonkov

Guaria de Osa
Rainforest Ocean Discovery Centre & Ethnobotanical Gardens
on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica!

A Vacation with a Purpose dedicated to sanity and sustainability ...
An experiential education at your fingertips ...
Protect the Rainforest one vacation at a time ...

Artwork: Casilda Pinche,
Usko Ayar School of
Amazonian Painting;
Director Pablo Amaringo;
Pucallpa, Peru
rainforest - paradise beaches - bird watching - scuba diving - surfing - ethno botanical gardens - yoga
massage - trekking - chi gong - meditation - tai chi - rainforest projects - original architecture