Sentient Experientials Guaria de Osa Grupo Osanimi Costa Rica  

Videos of Guaria de Osa's EcoRetreats

Experience Ocean Forest Ecolodge Retreat Costa Rica

An Invitation to Guaria de Osa EcoLodge hosted by Jonathon Miller Weisberger

Orchid of the Osa EcoLodge

Yoga Retreat with Abby Tucker from Berkeley

Embodied Soul Yoga Retreats with Abby Tucker from Berkeley

Yoga, Birding, Surfing, and Nature Retreat with Charlotte Clews from Maine

Rainforest Medicine Councils
January 2016 Rainforest Medicine Councils
with Secoya Elders from the Ecuadorian Amazon
on the sunny nature-filled Osa Peninsula

Council Gathering

BBTRS ~ BioDynamic Breath Work & Trauma Release Retreat
with founder & director, Giten Tonkov

Happiness in Nature

Guaria's Garden with Birdsongs from the Cupola

Caring for Nature
Non-profit Conservation Projects

Marine Turtle Conservation Project @ Guaria de Osa

Ancestral Lodge for Siekopai People in Ecuadorian Amazon

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