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Dreams Do Come True

By Charlotte Clews

For years I imagined leading a wild, tropical, yoga retreat that would bring my nature-nerd and yoga-nerd friends together for a down-home nature-loving, yoga-saturated week of awe-inspiring adventure. This winter my dream came true. Six of my most intrepid yoga students took the leap and joined me on Wild Open Heart's inaugural Yoga and Bird Watching Retreat at Guaria de Osa's eco-lodge on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Yoga and bird watching quickly gave way to surfing, hiking, cliff-jumping, sunset watching, and snorkeling. Each day we woke to a sunrise cacophony of bird song, howler monkeys, the local rooster and the constant thrum of the Pacific Ocean. Each day we opened to the certainty of surprise, beauty and wonder and our hearts softened to the sweet company of new friends, human, feathered, scaled and petaled. Giddy with tropical heat and the perfume of ylang-ylang, we all took daring leaps into the unknown (sometimes quite literally). By the end of the week, like the local hermit crabs, we had a new place to call home. For me it was a dream fulfilled in the best possible way. A yoga adventure that brought us closer to the deep order and harmony of nature unbound. We we certainly be returning next year, and I hope you can join us!

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