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Guayusa Tea House

Guayusa Tea (Ilex guayusa) is made from the antioxidant rich leaves of the scared longevity tree native to the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Enjoyed for millennia by Indigenous Peoples, for its unique uplifting energy effect, health benefiting qualities and to facilitate lucid dreaming and dream recall. Guayusa is treasured for its synergistic balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids which awaken the mind and fortify the body producing a smooth sustained energy without the crash often associated with other caffeinated drinks.

Strengthen the bridge between rainforest conservation and good health by drinking Guayusa Tea House's premium wildcrafted Guayusa Tea. Guayusa Tea House has created a market driven rainforest conservation and restoration projects linking conscientious people worldwide by paying above market value prices directly to Indigenous growers who are protecting the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the Amazon Rainforest...the lungs of our planet!

Guayusa Tea House - Houston

Guayusa Tea House in Houston, TX

Guayusa Tea House - Houston

Serving Guayusa Tea Sample

Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity

The Council for Cultural & Biological Diversity is Guaria de Osa's non-profit arm, under the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship of The Living Bridges Foundation.

The foundation connects indigenous communities' educational and civil projects and NGOs with private European and American foundations. The community project participants work to improve their community's present and future as well as educate people of all ages in indigenous traditions. In addition, we raise money to seed new projects awaiting more long-term funding or provide interim funding for projects between grants.

Current projects supported through our cross-cultural bridges include the Dressing the Mountain in Green Project in the Ecuadorian Andes, currently funded by Tian Gong Institute, Berlin; the Living Bridges Foundation and Tropical Rainforest Coalition, U.S.A.; The OSA Foundation (Council for Cultural & Biological Diversity) Costa Rica; and private doners.

Click here to view slideshow of Dressing the Mountains in Green Project.

Boulder Mountain Lodge is in the middle of Southern Utah's red rock canyon country, an unexpected oasis of tranquility and comfort. A short drive from some of America's most magnificent scenic wonders, located adjacent to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument & Dixie National Forest, at the junction of the famous Burr Trail and Utah Highway 12 - the Scenic Byway connecting Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks. Brandi Page Hardman and Ron Johnson are the most gracious owners along with a fabulous staff.

Energy of Breath facilitates your opening, growth, and healing through our breathwork, bodywork and holistic therapy sessions, workshops, and retreats. Our unique approach fuses ancient Eastern meditative and intuitive traditions with Western scientific, anatomical, and psychological systems. Our work is supported by the strong foundation of Osho's Meditative Therapies which incorporate dance, music, and celebration.

Kipahulu Ohana Hawaiian cultural and environmental restoration and education projects, traditional Hawaiian agriculture and watershed management, with group hosting and cultural interpretive hikes.

Shaman's Drum: A Journal of Experiential Shamanism and Spiritual Healing is published by the Cross-Cultural Shamanism Network, a nonprofit educational organization. The magazine was started to encourage the study of shamanism from the practical experiential perspective of shamans and other practitioners. In the past, shamanic cultures were primarily described and defined by unsympathetic outsiders who viewed shamanic beliefs and practices as strange curiosities or superstition-based anomalies. In recent years, many Westerners have begun to study shamanism from an experiential perspective, and they are finding that it offers a remarkably effective blend of transpersonal healing therapies and ecstatic spiritual exploration that can be as vital to our survival today as it was for our ancient ancestors. Shaman's Drum also endeavors to explore contemporary applications and nontraditional methodologies.

Songbird Ocarinas began when I made my first batch of ocarinas on misty Moonstone Beach in Northern California in 1989. My teacher was a very talented artist named Rena, who made ocarinas in the shape of turtles and dolphins. I traded her a kalimba (thumb piano) that I had made, in return for teaching the basics of ocarina construction. I made a couple, and then fired them on the beach in a driftwood fire, and then cooled them in the ocean. I can still taste that salty, smoky pit fired ocarina, and hear that bright little sound. I was hooked! Made in downtown Los Angeles, Songbird Ocarinas is continually striving to make more beautifully sounding and enjoyably playable ocarinas!

Yoga Bohemian is Abby Tucker, yoga teacher in Berkeley, California. Abby says "Thank you to the amazing staff at Guaria de Osa for serving in the highest way!" Click here to see her 2011 retreat video.

Yoga Flow Studio is a sanctuary for the practice of yoga, holistic physical therapy and other body, mind, and healing arts. Although we are especially dedicated to the study and practice of Anusara and Ashtanga Yoga, we offer a variety of other classes, workshops and trainings. Learning, sharing and practicing together we create the "Kula" community of the heart.

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