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Guaria de Osa Wilderness EcoLodge
& Ethnobotanical Gardens
on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica
is situated in South Pacific Costa Rica,
just south of Drake Bay,
adjacent to Corcovado National Park.

We are located on the westernmost cove of the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica!



A Bird's-Eye View of the
   Guaria de Osa Experience

A Variety of Guaria Videos

Nightly and Group Rates
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What We Offer
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How to Get to Guaria de Osa?
Entry via Palmar Sur to Sierpe
Departure via Drake Bay
Why Come to Guaria de Osa?
Safety Guidelines
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What to Pack


A Bird's-Eye View
of the
Guaria de Osa Experience

  • Guaria de Osa EcoLodge is embedded in a Nature Sanctuary, a road-less, people-friendly wilderness region surrounded by original Rainforest and pristine Ocean
  • Due to the remoteness of Guaria de Osa, we request a minimum stay of 3 - 4 consecutive nights
  • Fees are to be paid in full at the time your dates are confirmed by Guaria de Osa
  • To reserve your space(s) please pre-pay in US Dollars.
    See How to Pay.



Costa Rican authorities require a yellow-fever vaccine certification from travelers of the following countries:

Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Sudan, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Guyana, even if your were only transiting through any one of these countries.

Please contact the Costa Rican consulate in your country to ask how many days prior to arriving into Costa Rica do they require that you have the yellow fever vaccination.

If so, you must travel with your yellow fever vaccination card to show the Costa Rican officials at Santa Maria International.

For additional information on other related Costa Rican details, refer to: Costa Rica Tourism FAQ page.

Nightly and Group Rates

For rates, please contact or

Rates Include

where the mega-diversity of the rainforest meets the ocean
a people-friendly wilderness area with beach front property
where the stars are warm
where the smell of the Earth is incredible
where the air is fresh and sweet
where time is timeless
where every cell in your body will sing PURA VIDA
where your fees support ground-level rainforest conservation and marine turtle rescue projects (
where 'our front yard' is a warm Pacific Ocean Beach and 'our back yard' is an emerald-green Rainforest!

Services & Amenities

  • A portion of all proceeds is donated to Council for Cultural & Biological Diversity to support rainforest and turtle conservation projects - see In this way, your visit is a win/win/win all the way around. This is why we say Guaria de Osa is an EcoLodge.
  • May through December: on Guaria's beach, witness the Turtle Conservation Project to safeguard 4 of the 7 species of marine sea turtles; with hatchery operations, rehabilitation and community conservation awareness; a project trail blazed in 2002 by ethnobotanist Jonathon Miller Weisberger, director of the Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity –
  • Assistance in making reservations for your Costa Rican travel logistics to coordinate your visit to and from Guaria de Osa effortlessly. For example, San José hotel, international airport pickup and drop off; domestic flight reservations or chartered land transport; and Osa Peninsula transfers.
  • Ethnobotanical & Permaculture Experience: A guided walk and talk tour to introduce Guaria's Ethnobotanical Garden where prominent healing plants and important fruits are nurtured and cultivated (seasonal).
  • Presentation on Cultural and Biological Diversity: an introduction to Rainforest Medicine, forest ecology, tropical nature, and the Indigenous Worldview from the Amazon (seasonal).
  • Accommodations: comfortable and cozy, built from sustainable fine hardwood, surrounded by gorgeous fragrant trees, fruit orchids, medicinal plants, pleasing rainforest fauna sounds and just a 3 min. stroll through Guaria's garden right off the beach!
  • Meals: Three daily scrumptious, wholesome menus with vegetarian options; and real butter!
  • Tea-Time: Self-service at 7 am & 3 pm in the dining area: a variety of organic herbal and non-herbal teas; cacao, organic coffee; and Guayusa Tea, native to the Amazon
  • House-keeping
  • Yoga Hall: is the second floor of the Lapa Lapa Lodge, access to 1,200 square foot yoga hall built with the finest sustainable wind-fallen timber with large windows overlooking tropical gardens, abundant bird life and the Pacific Ocean
  • Community Space: is the first floor of the Lapa Lapa Lodge, access to 1,750 square foot conference space; beautifully tiled floor; an open-air veranda on 3 sides with a direct view of fragrant trees and plants. A perfect area for meetings, conferences, parties, weddings, workshops, events; reading; relaxing; circle gathering, and meditation practice
  • Meditation, Massage & Observatory Cupola: is the top floor of the Lapa Lapa Lodge stands over 28 feet above the ground with open windows on four sides. The cupola has been finely crafted with an assortment of beautifully polished hard woods. Its panoramic views, under a finely made teak roof, looks out upon coconut palms swaying with the breeze. The sparkling Pacific Ocean with Punta Campanario clothed in forest jutting out onto the water, Veinte Minutos a small rocky island outcropping, looking like a mythological bird ready to take flight, in the West and the Caño Island - Oceanic Reserve in the background provide breathtaking views.

    In the cupola, bird watching is spectacular! Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, the White Hawk and myriad more bird species often perch on nearby trees. Large Iguanas can be seen sunning on the branches of the neighboring Ekeme Tree, whose leaves and peach-colored blossoms birds like tp eat with delight. From the cupola each sunset view is a gift to behold. The Ylang Ylang trees, that flower all year long, fill the dusk air with fragrance as the sky and water glisten with color and light.

  • The Lawns: On the East and South side of the Lapa Lapa Lodge there is over 3000 square feet of lawn space planted with a wonderful short and soft green grass. These areas, surrounded by gardens, are ideal , for example, for Yoga and Tai Chi.
  • La Choza Dining: is 950 square foot indoor-outdoor dining area; airy and breezy, overlooking the gardens, its flora and fauna, perfect for dining and social gatherings
  • Guaria's Beach Front: a road-less, secluded 1 ¼ mile beach; soft sand to massage your feet; hammocks to relax in while your eyes enjoy horizon, the blue Pacific, Caño Island Oceanic Reserve, and sunsets.
  • Beach for children: A paradisiacal, just 15 min. walk away at Playa San Josecito, splendid for children to wade and splash and build sand castles.
  • Surfing & Waterfalls: Two more surf spots walking a soft sandy beach iust 20 min. north and/or 20 min. south, where there are awesome surf breaks and a hike away to a refreshing river and waterfalls!

Rates Do Not Include

  • Costa Rican domestic air flight to and from Guaria de Osa (we are happy to make this reservation for you)
  • San Jose hotel or taxi service (we gladly will do these reservations for you)
    Please Note: We will give you directions how to directly pay your domestic flight, hotel, and taxi service. Thank you.
  • 13% Costa Rican Tourism Tax
  • Osa Peninsula Transfers at Sierpe and/or Drake Bay

    • From Sierpe: the water transfer includes porter service from Playa San Josecito Beach Landing to Guaria
    • From Drake Bay: the transfer may be a boat taxi or a 4x4 jeep depending how many passengers are traveling at one time; also includes porter service

    Osa Peninsula Land Transfer: at Sierpe or Drake Bay, fees are to be paid directly to the driver. Whatever the driver is asking, please know he is honorable and his fees are justified.

    For Group Retreats: Water and land transfers have an extra fee as they are not included in our Group Rate.

    For Independent Travelers: Water transfer to and from Guaria cost $100 / person round-trip. Land transfer is not included. Please pay the driver directly.

    • Entry and departure scenic routes to Guaria de Osa are too spectacular to put into words.

      Entry: 1.5hr route on the Pacific Ocean on through the mouth of the Sierpe River via the Terraba Sierpe Mangrove Estuary to witness the largest and most intact mangrove reserve in tropical America! The flora and fauna witnessed throughout this journey is dramatic and colorful!!

      Departure: From Playa San Josecito you'll travel about a 20 min. boat ride along the Pacific Ocean to Drake Bay Beach. A safari-style jeep will transfer you to Drake Bay Airstrip – about a 15 min. land trip through the jungle until you board your domestic flight back to San José. During your 50 min. flight, you will witness an emerald-sea-of-green rainforest canopy!

    • Please Note: The scenic routes above may be reversed depending on logistical travel plans, etc.

    At Guaria de Osa

    • Gratuity: We gratefully accept the customary tip/gratuity of $10/adult/day for our service rendered with quality awareness. Please give your appreciation for our attentive assistance to the administrator who, in turn, will distribute to Guaria’s staff - both “on stage” and those “behind the curtain.” We thank you in advance.
    • Internet Fees: Due to limited service and high cost of our remote Internet connection, Internet time must be rationed, and we ask for a donation toward the cost of the Internet for those who use it. We have a public laptop for guest use, or you can bring your own laptop or other mobile device and connect to our wireless network.
    • dn Pablo Amaringo Prints
    • How to Pay for Extra Activities at Guaria de Osa?
      Costa Rican Colones • US Dollars • Paypal
    • Extra Fees for additional adventures, tours and activities, cultural events, and wellness services, please click on:

    Tropical Nature Experiences
    Wellness Modalities

    What We Offer

    Guaria de Osa offers a multitude of nature tours with expert naturalist guides to amazing locations

    • SCUBA or snorkel at Caño Island Oceanic Reserve
    • Canopy Zipline
    • Corcovado National Park
    • Horseback riding
    • Dolphin and Whale Encounters
    • Ocean and River Kayak and Canoeing
    • Deep Jungle Explorations

    And an array of wellness modalities

    • Massage
    • Plant cleanses
    • Reiki
    • Reflexology
    • Palm healings
    • I Ching readings

    At Guaria, there is a Coconut Book outlining extra adventures, tours, activities, wellness services and rainforest conservation projects, over seen by Fundación OSA. These projects are funded by a percentage of guests fees, small grants and individual donations to "Save the Rainforest one vacation at a time."

    The guided tours and experiences, as written in the Coconut Book at Guaria, are also posted at: What We Offer - then click on the following links to read about the highlights of the Osa Peninsula surrounding Guaria de Osa

    Tropical Nature Experiences
    Cultural and Wellness Modalities
    Extra Fees

    Enjoy Nature's Amenities

    Guaria de Osa is located in "The Little Amazon by the Sea" - home of one of the great stands of Cental American Tropical Rainforests, where wilderness coast and paradise beaches borders a sparkling and pristine Pacific Ocean. Our location is in the heart of the Osa Peninsula endorsed by National Geographic as the most biologically intense place on Earth!

    • "Our front yard" - 1 1/4 mile long secluded coconut laden tropical beach
    • "Our back yard" - pristine rainforest
    • Important Scarlet Macaw nesting site
    • Exuberant Ethnobotanical Gardens
    • Abundant Wildlife
    • Pristine Pacific Ocean
    • Neighboring Corcovado National Park and Caño Island Oceanic Reserve
    • Beach rainforest trekking
    • On site birding, monkey viewing and nature adoration
    • Ocean swim, snorkel, boogie board and surf
    • Marine turtle nesting site
    • Rest, Relax and recharge!

    How to Pay prior to Arrival at Guaria de Osa

    To Reserve Your Dates

    • Write your check payable to: SENTIENT EXPERIENTIALS
    • In the memo of your check please write: the dates of your visit
    • Mail your fees to:
      Sentient Experientials @ Guaria de Osa EcoLodge
      c/o Dahlia Miller
      PO Box 1004
      El Cerrito, CA 94530
    • For United States payment using personal check, money order, or cashiers check: please mail your fees Certified Priority Mail (which requires Dahlia Miller to sign for it).
    • International payments via bank wires: please ask Dahlia at

    Additional Services

    Guaria will make the reservations below to facilitate your visit effortlessly.

    1. Domestic air flight to and from the Osa Peninsula:
      When we send you your reservation confirmation, you will then receive instructions how to pay Nature Air directly.
    2. Taxi transfers in San Jose and Hotel:
      The hotel we like to use for our guests is family-run, affordable, simple and cozy. Their nightly fee includes an international airport pick-up at Santa Maria International, a Tico (Costa Rican) breakfast, Costa Rican taxes, and internet. Please pay the hotel directly for their services - preferably in cash. The morning you are to continue your travel to Guaria, the hotel will provide a taxi to drive you to Pavas Airport right after breakfast in time for your domestic flight to the Osa Peninsula. Please pay the driver directly for this transfer - also in cash.
    3. Round-trip Osa Peninsula Marine transfers

    How to pay for extra activities

    • Although we accept Costa Rican Colones and/or US Dollars, we cannot accept personal checks nor American Express Travelers Checks nor money order because the Costa Fican banks take more than 6 months to cash.
    • Regarding tours to visit some of the highlights of the Osa Peninsula:
      • In order to guarantee your tours with our outfitters, prior to your arrival, please include the payment for your selections in your check
      • or if you prefer to decide when you arrive at Guaria, then we suggest you bring at least US$500, or equivalent in Costa Rica Colones, to pay Guaria's administrator in order to make the reservations. This option does not guarantee there will be availability for your tours at the last moment.
    • Fees for Wellness Modalities can be paid at Guaria upon your arrival.
    • Extra Fees for additional adventures, tours, and activities, cultural events, and wellness services, please read what we offer by clicking on:

    Tropical Nature Experiences
    Wellness Modalities

    Please go to Getting to Guaria for Entry & Departure Options and a detailed map.

    Getting on and off Boats

    Follow the captain's instructions. Give him your hand as he guides you off the boat. The crew will bring your belongings to Guaria de Osa.

    Next is a 20 min. walk south to Guaria de Osa - with the Pacific to your right and the Rainforest to your left. It might take a tad longer if you stop to greet the macaws, toucans, howler monkeys and/or gaze at flying fish, maybe dolphins and whales. Walking the beach barefoot will give your feet a wonderful massage.

    How to Get to Guaria de Osa?

    Our Preferred Scenic Entry Route on Day 1

    Entry via Palmar Sur to Sierpe

    Guaria's safari-jeep contact will meet you at Palmar Sur airport to drive you to the river town of Sierpe (about 45 minutes). Wait for our boat captain at Oleaje Sereno Coffeeshop, located by the Sierpe docks.

    Beautiful floating water hyacinth plants are seen on Río Sierpe during this impressive water journey. Río Sierpe (meaning 'serpent') curves by a panoramic vista of 54,000 acres of Sierpe-Terraba Mangrove Reserve - home of the largest most intact mangrove reserve in tropical America!

    Departing the mangroves, the boat (known as 'panga') goes thru the mouth of the majestic Pacific Ocean - another dramatic moment! Most times you can see whales, dolphins, a variety of birds, all enveloped in an unforgettable tropical ocean breeze.

    This water journey takes about 1 hour (4 miles) on the Sierpe River and about 45 min. (21 miles) on the Pacific Ocean to the beach landing at Playa San Josecito.

    Our Preferred Scenic Departure Route on Last Day

    Departure via Drake Bay

    Our boat captain waits for you at Playa San Josecito and our staff will help you with your luggage.

    From Playa San Josecito, there is a 20 min. boat ride along the Pacific Ocean to Drake Bay Beach. A safari-style jeep will transfer you to Drake Bay Airstrip - about a 15 min. land trip through the jungle until you board your domestic flight back to San Josť. This journey, as is the entry, is what movies are made from.

    From Drake Bay Airstrip to San Jose, you'll witness a spectacular vista of the Rainforest Canopy of the Osa Peninsula.

    * * * *

    Why Come to Guaria de Osa (Orchid of the Osa)?

    Coming to Guaria de Osa is a vacation with a purpose, dedicated to sanity and sustainability. An experiential education at your fingertips, with coconut palm trees, scarlet-macaw-laden paradise beaches, as you experience a profound pleasure in rest and relaxation.

    * * * *

    "May the flight of the birds not be detained…"
    says Jonathon S. Miller Weisberger,
    ethnobotanist, founder and steward of Guaria de Osa, and director of the Council for Cultural & Biological Diversity

    "Thank you to the amazing staff of Guaria de Osa for serving in the highest way!"
    — ABBY TUCKER, yoga teacher in Berkeley, California

    "It's a family operation and what a family (Ladna, Dahlia, Monica, and Jonathon)! I have worked with all three and they do a wonderful job. The retreat participants just need to get a flight to San Jose and the rest is taken care of. They will arrange for the hotel in San Jose, the transfer from the hotel to the domestic airport, the flight to the Osa Peninsula, and the boat to Guaria. It's a real adventure and everything goes like clockwork. Once at Guaria, all meals are provided and the yoga/body movement space is wonderful. The participants can spend their free time on the beach or in the jungle, or Jonathon provides some really interesting trips for the more energetic and adventurous. In addition, our tuition supports rainforest conservation."
    — DAVID MOORE, geological eco-engineer, Yoga New Year's Retreat

    We thank you for the privilege of sharing Guaria de Osa with you
    where primary Rainforest kisses the sparkling Pacific Ocean
    in the "Little Amazon by the Sea."
    Pura Vida! (as said in Costa Rica!)

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massage - trekking - chi gong - meditation - tai chi - rainforest projects - original architecture