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A vacation with a purpose
where the Rainforest kisses the Ocean!

a Rainforest Ocean Wilderness Discovery Centre &
Ethnobotanical Gardens on the


Golden Lines

Why Come to Guaria de Osa?
A Birds Eye View
   of Guaria de Osa

Original Architecture
Lapa Lapa Lodge
The Lawns
Ethnobotanical Gardens

Our Neighbors


Why is the Osa Peninsula
    So Special?


Golden Lines

Please contact Dahlia Miller for our attractive Group Rates:

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Why Come to Guaria de Osa?

To gather in the heart of the Osa Peninsula also known as “The Little Amazon by the Ocean” endorsed by National Geographic as “the most biological intense place on Earth!”

Guaria de Osa invites the global community of teachers, facilitators, and group leaders to hold body-movement retreats, creative workshops, teacher trainings, seminars and conferences on themes pertinent to wellness and sustainable-living in harmony with Nature, promoting social, cultural, and environmental responsibility; communication, skill-building,
and ecological identity.

Guaria de Osa is designed to be a learning wilderness discovery centre thanks to its proximity to mega-diverse tropical rainforests, ocean and beach environments.

Guaria de Osa's facilities are ideal for Integral Health and Holistic Science Practitioners, Concerned Citizens, Innovative Thinkers, Teachers, Facilitators, and Organizers.

We invite you to bring your workshop/retreat to Guaria de Osa.
In return, we reciprocate with all the amenities our group rate includes
for 1 to 2 teachers during your reserved dates.

Our facilities are splendid for Yoga, Pilates, NIA, Tai Chi, Qi Gong,
Capoeira, Music, Dance, Hula Hoop!

Our campus is designed for Ethnobotanical, Permaculture, and Herbal Studies.

The immediate environment is superb for
bird-watching, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, ocean & river swimming, star-gazing;
scuba diving & surfing;
scientific & cultural explorers;
biologists, botanists, ecologists, herpetologists;
artists, wildlife photographers, and writers.

We welcome
scholastic fieldtrips; meetings and conferences;
reunions; exhausted activists;
and all travelers who adore Nature!

If we've left anyone out, please let us know.

* * * *

Save the Rainforest with one vacation at a time at Guaria de Osa
because your fees, in part, support our non-profit
Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity
(aka: Grupo Osanimi / The Osa Foundation)
Biodiversity Conservation and Cultural Heritage Projects
in the Andes and Amazon of Ecuador
and our Marine Turtle Rescue on the Osa Peninsula,
also known as the “Little Amazon” of Costa Rica!

Come to Guaria de Osa
because it is a venue dedicated to sanity and sustainability;
receive an experiential Nature education at your fingertips;
while relishing in rest and relaxation.

Your presence at Guaria contributes vitally
to the success of our biodiversity projects and our centre.

We thank you in advance for your company.


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Original Architecture

For more information and photos please go to:

Lapa Lapa Lodge

Guaria de Osa's touchstone feat of architecture is the Lapa Lapa Lodge - named after the Macaws that visit Guaria daily. The lodge is a three-storied 36-foot high structure - 35 x 50 feet (10 x 15 meters) with over 3700 square feet of floor space overlooking the gardens.

The first floor is set up on a raised rock wall running the 50-foot span of the house. It has a 13-foot (4 meters) high ceiling suspended by majestic Manu pillars. Its tiled floor is trimmed with ornamental patterns and delicately made tiled mosaics. Hammocks and comfortable rattan furniture offer an ideal place for coming together, where people and nature harmoniously join.

The second floor welcomes you into an expansive space with a 16foot (4.85 meter) high ceiling and long overhanging roof eaves. Its hardwood floor provides comfort to bare feet. The fanned rafters above give way to rising “cloud burst” roof eaves that encourage a free-flowing feeling with a sense of no beginning or end. With 1200 square feet of floor space this floor is ideal for movement arts and the acoustics are so fine for music!

Its observatory/meditation cupola on the third floor is 300 square feet and offers a panoramic view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, Rainforest clothed ridges, and boasting sunsets!

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The Lawns

On the East and South side of the Lapa Lapa Lodge Guaria's campus has about 5000 square feet of lawn space planted with short and soft green grass - comfortable to bare feet. The lawns, surrounded by gardens, are ideal for movement work, such as Yoga and Tai Chi - and safe for children to play.

Ethnobotanical Gardens

The Ethnobotanical and Permaculture Gardens at Guaria de Osa intertwine with the surrounding abundant native vegetation. Aromatic Ylang Ylang trees, frequently visited by Toucans who love their fruits, fill the clean tropical air with fragrance. The gardens have been planted with a myriad of ancestral cultigens and ethnobotanical treasures from South and Central America. Fragrant plants, ornamental shrubs and trees, grafted citrus and avocados, and numerous orchids all provide a serene and breathtaking environment. The gardens are always in full swing boasting all kinds of flowers. The intention of creating a sustainable land use practice at Guaria is in deep, loving respect with Nature … with lots of hammocks everywhere to bask in the glow.

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Our Neighbors

Guaria de Osa is nestled in a Nature Sanctuary rooted by marine and rainforest ecosystems with plenty of trail hikes, beach and ocean to explore and enjoy. The 5acre campus, surrounded by big rainforest trees, is only a 3 min. stroll to the Pacific Beach - unless you stop to smell the flowers and/or greet the birds. Guaria de Osa borders Marenco Biological Reserve and our other neighbor is none other than Costa Rica's Crown Jewel of National Park Systems - Corcovado National Park - just a 15 min. boat ride away to the park's boundary or a 2 hour hike (about 3 miles).

Embedded in the “Little Amazon by the Ocean” of the Osa Peninsula, where towering stands of primary Rainforest kiss the sparkling Pacific Ocean, you'll find that Guaria de Osa's cosmic dimensions and its relationship with Nature as Teacher can crystallize your experience.

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Guaria is pronounced: Gua-ri-ya (accent on the first syllable). Because the founder and steward of Guaria de Osa, Jonathon S. Miller-Weisberger, is an ethnobotanist, he chose to name the centre after the national flower of Costa Rica, a magenta colored Orchid and because the centre is located on the Osa Peninsula - hence the name: Guaria de Osa.

Our web sites are:

Guaria de Osa is a rainforest ocean wilderness discovery centre embedded in a tropical Rainforest where the beach is our 'front yard' - big trees in our 'back yard' - with aromatic Ylang Ylangs Trees enveloping the campus. Guaria de Osa's keystone is shaped by the natural principles of interdependence, diversity, kinship, community, cooperation, mystery and reciprocity - lessons we, the staff, learn from plants as teacher and from the wisdom of the natural world - in concert (at the very least) with the scarlet macaws, howler and capuchin monkeys; exquisite medicinal plants; the soft sounds of warm ocean waves gurgling in the background; while at night, the crickets, frogs, and cicadas collaborate in singsong!

We arrange all your Costa Rican domestic reservations and transfers to facilitate your arrival effortlessly. At Guaria de Osa you will find comfort and contentment in a teaching/learning wilderness discovery centre you will want to keep returning to.

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* * * *

Why is the Osa Peninsula Sooooo Special?

The Osa Peninsula remains Costa Rica's last wild frontier even twenty-five years after its first national park - Corcovado - was created in the peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is also called “The Little Amazon” of Costa Rica. With pristine beaches and virgin forest, the Osa Peninsula is described by National Geographic as “The most biologically intense place on Earth.” This description is a reference to the incredible abundance of wildlife on the Osa Peninsula - not only in it's rainforests, but in it's surrounding marine environment as well. Without a doubt, the most unique area in all of Costa Rica, the Osa is a place where Jaguars still roam the jungle and Scarlet Macaws fly around in the towns and campesinos from the mountains still ride a horse - something you will rarely see anywhere else in the country.

You will also find world-class surfing, scuba diving, fishing, exploring, and a classic mixture of ex-patriots that now call this place 'home!' After a couple of days, you know for sure that the Osa is different than the other places you've been in Costa Rica. Before long, you won't want to go home and when you do get home, you can't stop thinking about this place. You will feel what those of us that live here have discovered as a rare place and you may just recognize that "There is no place like the Osa!" Surely you'll want to return again and again.

The Osa is not for everyone. You will not find big hotels, condos, or large development projects here - or even a road - or a movie theatre or a grocery or drugstore 'around the corner' and all of that. If that's what you are looking for, there are other places in Costa Rica to visit.

If you are looking for a close encounter with raw Nature, both land and sea, and if it excites you to think about being in stunning wilderness setting with the Rainforest in your 'back yard' and an abandoned beach in your 'front yard' or where there is a discovery centre operating on solar energy and there's purified water gushing out from rocks - or where the lush jungle and shimmering black beach are alive with exotic plants and animals and where you'll greet this emerald-green world at eye-level, from Scarlet Macaws, Howler Monkeys, and colorful Toucans to endangered green sea turtles - and at night hear the concert of crickets and frogs and cicadas - and where our guides and acclaimed Ethnobotanist have eagle eyes, spot rare squirrel monkeys, peccaries, sloths, coatimundis, and dozens of other species - then Guaria de Osa, a wilderness discovery centre, embedded in a location teeming with Life where adventure is born - awaits you with its touchstone architecture and exquisite medicinal plant garden and perfumed Ylang Ylangs and a myriad of flowers, mango trees, pineapple bushes, and more - stewarded by a staff that is proactively protecting flora and fauna ... the Rainforest and the Ocean … where gratefully we can experience our cells pulsating PURA VIDA on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica where everything is connected and interrelated!

* * * *

Thank you for your attention and intention and
for the privilege of sharing Guaria de Osa with you.

We look forward to working with you and may we fulfill our dreams together!
Pura Vida! (as said in Costa Rica!)

Tel: (510) 235 - 4313 (in California)

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