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Bird-Watching at Guaria de Osa

Bird List

The bird life at Guaria, and the surrounding area, is spectacular! Due primarily to the high level of environmental awareness among the local people in Costa Rica as well as the large protected areas near Guaria, bird-watching is dramatic. In general, bird-watching is one of the more impressive features of the Osa Peninsula. The biological mega-diversity of the new world tropics is world famous and bird life is no exception. With well over one hundred species of birds in our specific area, bird sightings of many kinds are guaranteed. Bird life around Guaria offers hours of endless fun, discovery and adventure, even more so for the patient observer and enthusiastic ornithologist, the professional and the beginner.

Among the more notable feathered friends of our community are the Scarlet Macaws that feed on the fruits of the almond trees that laden the beach. Our beach has a continual, vibrant population of these impressive birds. You can see them close up in groups of over 20 almost daily. Scarlet Rumped Tanagers are also common in large groups and can be observed in their courtship dance flashing their neon red rumps. A local Tiger Heron usually peeps in and out of the creek’s rushes. Every day the ornate call and response of Tinamous can be heard. Large flocks of Pelicans are seen flying by in their V shaped formations and, at times, up to ten Toucans have been seen in the trees surrounding Guaria de Osa Retreat Centre. Large flocks of Amazon Parrots occasionally come to visit as they feed right next to the West House. Many species of birds fly about freely enjoying their life in Nature.

Guaria de Osa is bird heaven! Because there are numerous ecosystems in our area, unique bird-watching can easily be a full-time activity. At Guaria, in very close proximity, we have the edge of the forest, the secondary forest, the primary rainforest, the swamps, the mangroves, riparian forests, the beach and rocky outcropping. Everywhere many species of birds reside, whose calls fill the air with the sweet songs of undisturbed life.

We have access to a professional ornithologist guide for groups specifically interested in ornithology. Personally, we are familiar with the excellent trails for bird-watching in our immediate vicinity and our keen and enthusiastic local guides, experts at spotting birds, can lead you there.

The following is a list of one hundred of the most commonly seen birds at and around Guaria de Osa. You can use this list as a checklist for your records while bird-watching at Guaria.

Bird List
Click here for a printer-friendly version of this Bird-watching Checklist

Common Name Local name Latin Name Size
Amazon Kingfisher Martin Pescador Amazonico Chloroceryle amazona 29 cm.
American Pygmy Kingfisher Patrin Pescador Enano Chloroceryle aenea 13 cm.
Baird's Trogon Trogon Vientribermejo Trogon bairdii 28 cm.
Bananquit Reinita Mielera Coereba flaveola 9 cm.
Bare-Throated Tiger Heron Martin Peña/Garza Tigre Tigrisoma mexicanum 80 cm.
Bay-Headed Tanger Tangara Cabecicastaña Tangara gyrola 1.5 cm.
Black Hawk Gavilan Cangrejero Buteogallus subtilis 56 cm.
Black Hooded Antshrike Batara Negrusco Thamnophilus bridgesi 16.5 cm.
Black Vulture Zopilote Negro Coragyps atratus 64 cm.
Black-Bellied Plover Chorlito gris Pluvialis squatarola 30 cm.
Black-Striped Sparrow Pinzon Cabecilistado Arremonops conirrostris 16.5 cm.
Black-Throated Trogon Trogon Cabeciverde Trogon rufus 23 cm.
Blck-cheeked Antwren Tangara Hormiguera Carinegra Habia antrimaxillaris 18 cm.
Blue Dacnis Mielero Azulejo Dacnis cayana 11.5 cm.
Blue-Black Grassquit Semillerito Negro Azulado Volatina jacarina 10 cm.
Blue-Crowned Motmot Momoto Comun Momotus momota 39 cm.
Blue-Gray Tanger Tangara Azuleja Thraupis episcopus 15 cm.
Boat-Biled Heron Pico-Cucharra Cochlearius cochlearius 51 cm.
Boat-Billed Flycatcher Mosqueron Picudo Megarhynchus piangua 23 cm.
Brown Booby Piquero Moreno Sula leucogaster 70 cm.
Brown Pelican Pelicano Pardo Pelecanus occidentalis 109 cm.
Cattle Egret Garcilla Bueyera Bulbucus ibis 51 cm.
Chestnut-Mandibilled Toucan Tucan de Swainson Ramphastos swainsonii 53 cm.
Clay-Colored Robin Yiguirro (Costa Rica's National Bird) Turdus grayi 23.5 cm.
Cocoa Woodcreper Trepador Gorgianteado Xiphorhynchus susurrans 21.5 cm.
Collared forest Falcon Halcon de Monte Collarejo Micrastur semitorquatus 51cm.
Common Poto Nictibio Comun Nictibius griseus 38 cm.
Common-Tody Flycatcher Espatulilla Comun Todirostrum cinereum 9.5 cm.
Crested Guan Pava Crestada Penelope purpurascens 86 cm.
Dotted-Winged Antwren Hormiguerito Alipunteado Microrhopias quixensis 11 cm.
Fiery-Billed Aracari Tucansillo Piqui-Anaranjado Pteroglossus frantzii 43 cm.
Golden-Hooded Tanger Tangara Capuchidorada Tangara larvata 13 cm.
Gray-Capped Flycatcher Mosquero Cabecigris Myiozetetes granadensis 16.5 cm.
Gray-Necked Wood Rail Rascon Cuelligris Aramides cajanea 38 cm.
Great Blue Heron Garzon Azulado Ardea herodius 132 cm.
Great Egret Garceta Grande Ardea alba 101 cm.
Great Kiskadee Bienteveo Grande Pitangus sulphuratus 23 cm.
Great-Tailed Crackle Zanate Grande Quiscalus mexicanus 43 cm.
Green Heron Garcilla Verde Butorides s. virescens 43 cm.
Green Honeycreeper Mielero Verde Chlorophanes spiza 13 cm.
Green Kingfisher Martin Pescador Verde Chloroceryle americana 18 cm.
Grey-Chrsted Dove Paloma Pechigris Leptotila cassinii 24 cm.
House Wren Soterrey Cucarachero Troglodytes aedon 10 cm.
King Vulture Zopilote Rey Sarcorampus papa 81 cm.
Laughing Falcon Guaco Herpetotheres cachinnans 53 cm.
Lineated Woodpecker Carpintero Lineado Dryocopus lineatus 33 cm.
Little Blue Heron Garceta Azul Egretta caerulea 61 cm.
Little Hermit Hermitaño Enano Phaethomis longuemareus 9 cm.
Little Tinamou Gallineta Crypturellus soui 23 cm.
Long-Tailed Hermit Hermitaño Colilargo Phaethomis superciliosus 15 cm.
Magnificent Frigatebird Rabihorcado Magno Fregata manificens 91 cm.
Mangrove hummingbird Amazilia Manglera Amazilia boucardi 9.5 cm.
Masked Tityra Tityra Carirroja Tityra semifasciata 21 cm.
Mealy Parrot Loro Verde Amazona farinosa 38 cm.
Neotropical Cormorant Cormoran Neotropical Phalacrocorax brasilianus 66 cm.
Northern Jacana Jacana Centroamericana Jacana spinosa 23 cm.
Olive-Throated Parakeet Perico Azteco Aratinga nana 23 cm.
Orange-Collared Manakin Saltarin Cuellinaranja Manacus aurantiacus 10 cm.
Ornage Chined Parakeet Periquito Barbinaranja Brotogeris jugularis 18 cm.
Osprey Aguila Pescadora Pandion haliaetus 58 cm.
Purple Gallinule Gallareta morada Porphyrula martinica 33 cm.
Red Capped Manakin Saltarin Cabecirojo Pipra mentalis 10 cm.
Red-Crowned Woodpecker Carpintero Nuquirojo Melanerpes rubricapillus 17 cm.
Red-Legged Honeycreeper Mielero Patirrojo Cyanerpes cyaneus 11.5 cm.
Red-lored Parrot Loro Frentirojo Amazonas autumnalis 34 cm.
Ringed Kingfisher Martin Pescador Collarejo Ceryle torquata 41 cm.
Roadside Hawk Gavilan Chapulinero Bueo magnirostris 38 cm.
Roufous-Tailed Hummingbird Amazilia Raibirruta Amazilia tzacatl 10 cm.
Ruddy Ground Dove Tortolita Rojisa Columbina talpacoti 16.5 cm.
Rufous-Tailed Jacamar Jacamar Rabirufo Galbula ruficauda 23 cm.
Scarlet Macaw Guacamayo Lapa Ara macao 84 cm.
Scarlet-Rumped Tanager Sargento Ramphocelus passerinii 16 cm.
Semipalmated Plover Chorlitejo Semipalmado Charadrius semipalmatus 18 cm.
Semipalmated Sandpiper Correlimos Semipalmado Calidris pusilla 15 cm.
Short-Billed Pigeon Paloma piquicorta Columba nigrirostris 26.5 cm.
Slaty-Tailed Trogon Trogon Coliplomizo Trogon massena 30 cm.
Smooth Billed Ani Garapatero Piquiliso Crotophaga ani 35 cm.
Snowy Egret Garceta Nivosa Egretta thula 61 cm.
Social Flycatcher Mosquero Cejiblanco Myiozetetes similis 16 cm.
Spectacled Owl Buho de Anteojos Pulsatrix perspicillata 48 cm.
Spotted Sandpiper Andarrios Maculado Actitis macularia 19 cm.
Squirrel Cuckoo Cuco Ardilla Piaya cayana 46 cm.
Summer Tanager Tangara Veranera Piranga rubra 16.5 cm.
Tropical Kingbird Tirano Tropical Tyrannus melancholicus 21 cm.
Turkey Vulture Zopilote Cabecirrojo Cathartes aura 76 cm.
Turquoise Cotinga Cotinga Turquesa Cotinga ridgwayi 17.5 cm.
Variable Seed Eater Espiguero Variable Sporophila aurita 10.5 cm.
Violaceous Trogon Trogon violaceo Trogon violaceus 23 cm.
Wedge-Billed woodcreeper Trepadorcito Pico de Cuña Glyphorhynchus spirurus 15cm.
Western Sandpiper Correlimos Occidentalis Calidris mauri 16 cm.
Whimbrel Zarapito Trinador Numenius phaeopus 43 cm.
White Ibis Ibis Blanco Eudocimus albus 63 cm.
White-Tailed Kite Hawk Elanio Coliblanco Elanus leucurus 41 cm.
White-Tipped Dove Paloma Coliblanca Leptotila verreauxi 26 cm.
Willet Piguilo Catoptophorus semipalmatus 38 cm.
Wilson's Plover Chorlitejo Picudo Charadrius wilsonia 20 cm.
Yellow-Billed Cotinga Cotinga Piqui-Amarillo Carpodectes antoniae 21.5 cm.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Martinete Cabecipinto Nyctanassa violacea 61 cm.
Yellow-Headed Caracara Caracara Cabecigualdo Milvago chimachima 41 cm.

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